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With the introduction of Apple’s new textbook program, there has been a surge of interest in downloading textbooks to the iPad. However, in trying to download a textbook, the book will appear on your iBook bookshelf, but you might run into the error message “Unable to download [your book]” with no explanation of why; or when tapping on the book you may receive the “paused” status indefinitely.

SOLUTION: There are 2 possible problems: insufficient space and/or needing to sync with your computer in order to download. To resolve: 

1) Download the book you are having trouble with to your computer from the iTunes store. (There should be no cost to do this–after having purchased the book from your iPad or other device it should be available to download from the iTunes store.)

2) Connect your iPad to your computer and after clicking on your iPad in iTunes, note whether you have sufficient space to sync. If not, consider removing (or de-selecting) some videos, tv shows, or other space-intensive content. Then sync iPad, including the the new book.

3) If, after the sync is completed, the book is still not present on your iPad, open  iBooks on your iPad which should commence the download of your book.

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