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4.0 out of 5 stars Good printer which meets our needs, but has some minor issues, January 13, 2012
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I have now owned this printer for 4 months and it has proved to be a printer that meets our needs, although there have been a few small problems. Canon is usually my printer brand of choice because of my experience with excellent reliability, but for wireless printing from a variety of PCs, Macs, and iPads, (which Canon does not offer) this printer seems like the best choice.


Wireless printing for all devices: the printer prints well from the various PCs (Windows 7), Macs (both Lion and Snow Leopard), and iPads we have in our house. We initially had trouble installing the printer to a new MacBook Pro running Lion, but the problem was resolved after completing a system update. 

Quality: The quality of the print output is excellent, and photos are good enough for our needs but not excellent.
Footprint: The printer is small, compact and relatively attractive (for a printer) with nothing sticking out which has made it easy to leave it in our kitchen/desk area where everyone can have access to it.

2-sided printing: We print a lot of rough drafts, receipts, articles etc., and 2-sided printing saves a lot of paper.
Apps: The printer comes with some fun “apps” which I initially assumed were ridiculous but have become a fan — you can print coloring pages and puzzles with your favorite Dreamworks characters, print Sudoku puzzles, and photos directly from your account at Snapfish. I have not explored the app store.


Paper issues: The paper frequently jams in the back of the printer. It is an easy problem to fix by simply raising the lid and removing a rear panel, but I seem to have to fix it regularly. The paper has also jammed a few times under the print cartridges, after which the printer claimed the cartridge was damaged and refused to work until it was replaced. (I could not even convince it that re-inserting the old cartridge meant it was replaced, so perhaps it really was damaged.) Also, it’s a good thing that the printer does do 2-sided printing because the paper tray holds a measly 75-ish pages, and the paper runs out frequently.

Wireless setup: The printer did not connect to the wireless network automatically as claimed, nor could I set it up manually initially (Verizon Actiontec wireless modem). After many Google searches for solutions to HP printer network issues, I finally resolved the issue by bringing the printer into my office and connecting it via USB to the laptop which is connected via Ethernet to the modem. After following all instructions, it finally connected to the network wirelessly.

Printer failure: about once a month, I get the error message that the printer is not available, offline, or not turned on (when it is on). The usual solutions (turn it off, unplug it, restart the computer trying to connect, etc.) do not resolve the issue. The solution (which again I found online from other users experiencing this issue)–as weird as this sounds–is to unplug the printer BOTH from the outlet AND from the back of the printer. Strange but true. Perhaps some reset mechanism is triggered when unplugging the cord from both ends–who knows, but it does work.

Overall, this is a printer which–because it is only of the only ones which meets all of our needs–I am willing to overlook its flaws. (Kind of like a relationship!)