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LOL. Google has a new privacy policy. They have sent me an email every day for three days to tell me this. It’s kind of like reminding your child to empty the dishwasher–if they nag, I mean remind, me enough, will I read the new privacy policy? Yup, and I read it very carefully. And in the course of thoroughly educating myself on the new privacy policy–like a good internet citizen–I clicked on Ads Preferences Manager, thinking that I might actually have a chance to change my Ads Preferences.

I have decided to leave my Ads Preferences just the way they are. Because I love that under “Your Demographics” Google says to me: We infer your age and gender based on the websites you’ve visited. Age: 35-44. Gender: Male. What the heck does that say about me? I guess that I have more in common with 30-something males than my 50-something female peers. More to the point, I wonder what Google makes of my handbag-stalking on Piperlime and Zappos if I am a 30-something male.

Actually, the real question is: does Google know that I have read the new policy and will they therefore stop sending me emails? Scary thought.

UPDATE: Sure enough–it’s 48 hours later and Big Brother, I mean Google, has not sent me another email notification of their new privacy act, I’m guessing because it knows that I have read it!