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Did you know there is a very simple way to get up to 20,000 of your iTunes songs to play on your Android phone? All you need is a gmail account and the Chrome browser on your computer.

To get a Gmail account, click here.

To download the Chrome browser, click here.


  1. Open your Chrome browser, and click on Google Web Store. (if you don’t see Google web store, copy & paste this link into the Chrome browser to get there: https://chrome.google.com/webstore
  2. In the Web Store search “google music” and click on the app (not the extensions) to download, and when it is done it will show up on the home page of Chrome.
  3. Click on Google Music on the Chrome home page to open it and agree to the Terms of Service etc.
  4. In the tab that opens, click on “Download Music Manager”, then look on the bottom left of your screen for “musicmanagerinstaller.exe” and double-click to run. Choose Run from the dialog box that opens.
  5. When you see “Welcome to Google Music”, sign in with your gmail account & password. Follow the instructions to upload music from iTunes, Windows Media Player, or all folders to Google Music.
  6. Back on your phone, check that Google Music is installed. (It is under M for Music and is the headphones icon). If not, install it free from the Android Market.
  7. Open Music on your phone, and go through the instruction process to link it to your gmail account. If the process does not initially open, click on the 3-dots menu icon on the lower right and choose Settings—the process should start up. When done with settings, hit the back button.
  8. Enjoy your music!