Jane 1.0: Sister and daughter. Voracious reader. Traveler. Boring banker.

Jane 2.0: All of the above, except being a banker. Mother of three. Wife of one.  Member of two Boards. Consultant to senior citizens. Internet research junkie.

Jane 3.0: All of the above AND student of Paralegal Studies.  Blog writer too, apparently.

I like learn about things, and I like to fix things. I don’t really love to write about things, but as a constant reader and internet researcher I keep coming across the advice that those who are au currant have a presence in social media. Damn. I hate telling everyone what I’m doing every 5 minutes on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+/whatever. So I thought that if I had a blog, at least everyone would have a choice about whether to be up-to-minute on my doings. Plus my Facebook status updates embarrass my children and I’m afraid they will unfriend me if they realize I am even on Facebook. That about sums it up, except–if you are interested–go to the very bottom of my home page which has My Favorite Things. That is really who I am.


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